Employment Visa

Cheaper Than a Headhunter: Hire an Immigration Lawyer

According to this recent Time Magazine article, more and more tech companies are choosing to grow their businesses in Canada rather than in the U.S.: https://bit.ly/2k5AzRO

Why is that?

U.S. businesses are having a hard time remaining competitive and hiring the best talent. Employment-based immigration to the U.S. is complex and restrictive, and requires a deep understanding of U.S. law and policy. Employers often feel forced to undertake costly and time-consuming searches for potential employees who are already U.S. citizens or permanent residents because they do not feel competent to navigate our immigration system.

A good immigration lawyer is necessary to recruit the very best employees, wherever in the world they may happen to be.

Hurtubise Weber Law can help. We offer a complimentary call for employers looking to explore their options. Contact us today at 415-496-9040 or theteam@huwelaw.com to learn more.

Are you ready for H-1b season?

Employers growing their business need the best talent, and sometimes that talent needs a visa. The 2018 H-1b season was brutal - USCIS applied unprecedented levels of scrutiny and issued burdensome Requests for Evidence. The stop on premium processing and extraordinary processing delays left businesses and applicants in an often untenable limbo. Some applications are still pending.