Initial Legal Evaluation

This includes a consultation but is more than that.  We review your detailed intake form and your documents; talk to you about your specific circumstances, your concerns and your goals; and figure out the best plan for you.  


The Homework List

We provide you a customized, detailed list of evidence for your application.  Complete and convincing evidence is the heart of a good application.

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Review, Revise, Repeat

We review all of your evidence as you collect it.  We then suggest changes and make additions to your homework list as we learn more about your case.  This way we efficiently create the best and most thorough application possible.  


File and Follow Up

We prepare the forms.  We put together the evidence.  And we tie it all up with the legal argument and your overarching story.  The application is the first thing that the government sees and it is the most important step.  After filing, we stay on top of your application.  If the government loses evidence or wants more detail, we respond.  And if they take longer than promised, we follow up, and follow up, until we get the result.

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Interview and Approval

Whether your interview is at an overseas consulate or in the U.S., we help you prepare and make sure that you are ready.  If the interview is in San Francisco or San Jose, California, then we will come with you and represent you.


Reminder and Resource

Your case is not over after approval.  Visas need to be renewed.  Sometimes, there is a next step in the process – like applying for a green card or citizenship.  We remind you about these deadlines.  And, when you have questions in the future,  we are here for you.  And in our experience, there will always be questions!