Trump to Suspend Entry of Immigrants Who "Will Financially Burden the U.S. Healthcare System"


President Trump has issued a proclamation suspending entry of immigrants who "will financially burden the U.S. healthcare system."

What does the proclamation say? The proclamation states that with some exceptions, immigrants applying for a "green card" from outside the U.S. must prove at the time of their consular interview that they will be covered by approved (unsubsidized) health insurance within 30 days of entry into the United States, or that they possess the financial resources to pay for reasonably foreseeable medical costs.

When will the proclamation become effective? The new policy will go into effect on November 3, 2019.

Who does the proclamation affect? Anyone who is issued an immigrant visa on or after November 3, 2019, the effective date, will be subject to the new policy. The new policy does NOT affect those issued a temporary visa, including H-1B visa holders, L-1 intracompany transferees, and international students and scholars. It also does not affect refugees.

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