E-2 Investor Visas - Buying a Franchise is a Great Way to Go!

E-2 investor visas allow foreign nationals from certain countries to come to the United States to invest in and run a company. The major benefit of the E-2 is that the investment can be quite low, as long as it is enough to credibly start and run a business. The unofficial rule of thumb is a $100,000 investment, but investments as low as $40,000 may be appropriate for businesses that require little capital.

An E-2 visa is based on a treaty between the U.S. and the foreign national's country of nationality - so it is only available to investors from certain countries. It is a nonimmigrant visa and does not offer a direct path to a green card. However, it can be renewed indefinitely, and the spouse of an E-2 visa holder can obtain work authorization.

To find out which countries are eligible, go to:


Franchises are excellent investment candidates. The business model is already proven, and the required investment is laid out clearly in the franchise contract. In addition, frachises often have training programs, so the investor can show that they will have the skills to run the business.

E-2 visa applications are technical and complex and therefore require an attorney. If you are interested in finding out more about an E-2 visa, please contact us at TheTeam@huwelaw.com.