Who are the Immigrant Women of the United States?

Approximately 20 million immigrant women and girls currently reside in the United States. That is roughly 6% of the total U.S. population. So who are these females playing such a large role in our society?

Our female immigrants originally hail from a vast array of different nations. While about 26% came from Mexico, the remaining 74% originated in countries ranging from Canada to India to Cuba. No more than 6.1% of the total female immigrant population originated from any one country, other than Mexico.

Nearly half of our female immigrants are naturalized U.S. citizens, especially those from Vietnam and the Philippines, which have the highest naturalization rates. 

More than one quarter have at least a bachelor's degree of education, and the majority of female immigrants are employed. One-third of those who work do so in management or professional positions.

How do immigrant women obtain their lawful status in the U.S.? The majority do so through the family-based immigration system and are sponsored by an immediate relative who is a U.S. citizen.

To read the full details, visit The American Immigration Councils fact sheet on immigrant women in the united states.