Voulez-Vous Immigrer aux États-Unis?

As part of our commitment to empowering people through information and connecting with our clients on a cultural level, HuWe Law, in conjunction with the Comité Officiel, held a free one-hour presentation at the Alliance Française in San Francisco last Thursday evening.

Partner Isabelle Hurtubise and paralegal Zelinda Caudel led the presentation, conducted in French, to a diverse group of French immigrants. We covered a wide range of topics, including the family-based green card, H-1B visa for temporary workers, asylum, and E treaty and investor visas. Our audience posed excellent questions including some involving F-1 student visas, the J-1 exchange visitor visa, and the O-1 visa for persons with extraordinary abilities or talents. We really enjoyed meeting new and interesting people in the process!

If you know of any groups in San Francisco, the South Bay, or San Jose that may be interested in a free presentation from HuWe Law, please contact us at 415-496-9040 or 650-691-8370 for more information.