U.S. Citizen Spouses Overseas Can Now Travel to the U.S. Sooner

U.S. citizen spouses abroad can now come to the U.S. before their I-130's have been approved. K-3 visa processing times have historically been so long, these visas were essentially useless. However, a change in USCIS procedures for K-3 visas have made processing times shorter, so people are now using them to get to the U.S. faster.

What is a K-3 visa?  It is a visa that allows a U.S. citizen spouse living abroad to come to the U.S. before their I-130 has been approved.  Generally, these applicants need to wait until the I-130 has been approved and then apply for the green card and wait for that approval before moving to the U.S. - all of which can take up to a year or more.

To apply for a K-3 visa, you need proof that you have submitted an I-130 along with proof of the marriage. The application process is currently taking only 5 months.  You can then move to U.S. When you arrive, you  can apply for the green card right away, before I-130 approval. You can also apply for work authorization and travel outside of the U.S., all while waiting for green card approval.

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For more information on K-3 visas, please see the USCIS information page: